Art and Sculpture

Playground Twist

195 x 110 x 50 cm. Marine grade stainless steel.

This piece will be on show and for sale with Gormley’s Fine Art in their ‘Art in the Garden 2019’ exhibitions at the stunning venues of Russborough House in co. Wicklow 18th May until 2nd June and Culloden Estate in co. Antrim 15th to 30th June. There will also be two large Salvador Dalí museum pieces on display amongst works from the best of Irish and International sculptors.


Marine grade stainless steel 27 x 94 x 73 cm

I used to love to Skate when I was in my teens many moons ago, my board was my main form of transport then, I still have that board to this day 30+ years later. I also love a bit of wordplay, so it came to me one night a few weeks ago to create this piece, I made a sketch straight away and couldn’t wait to get into the workshop to create it. Partly inspired by Salvador Dali’s Lobster Telephone.

Hornbill and Dean

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 16 x 35 x 20 cm €poa

The fifth piece in the ‘Out of context’ Series. Growing up at home, my parents were huge fans of the figure skating, so during the Torville and Dean era we children were also drawn in to watching every dance of the winter Olympics. Inspired by this, the natural choice of bird for the piece was the Hornbill 🙂

Cut up Maria

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 25 x 39 x 18 cm €poa

The fourth piece in the ‘Out of context’ series. Inspired by the song ‘Mr Jones’ by The Counting Crows, here is Maria, the Flamingo, flamenco dancer.

Searching for Noah!

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 24 x 47 x 18 cm €Sold

The third piece in the ‘Out of context’ series. The Dodo, Trilobyte and Giant Beetle missed the last departure time of Noah’s Ark

At Swim Two Birds

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 16 x 26 x 26 cm

The second piece in my ‘Birds out of Context’ series. Ispired by the masterpiece book of the same title by, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest of Irish writers, Brian O’Nolan under the pseudonym Flann O’Brien.

The Emperor’s New Shoes

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 38 x 63 x 17 cm

The first piece in my ‘Birds out of Context’ series. Giving flight to a flightless bird


Cutlery and Stainless Steel 32 x 46 x 25 cm

Inspired by the bible story, Mr and Mrs Robin watch over their precious offspring under the bright star

‘Roi du Ronces’ €Price on request

12 x 18 x 13 cm Cutlery and stainless steel

This little Firecrest is constructed from up-cycled teaspoons and petite dessert forks, mounted on a hand made, hand textured base.

‘Love Tail’ €Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 13 x 12 x 9 cm

A small goldcrest made from teaspoons, small desert forks and stainless steel. i found a teaspoon with a love heart engraved on the handle which seemed ideal as a tail for this piece, hence it’s title.

Fleeing Bantam €Price on request

Mixed metal objects 60 x 40 x 16 cm

The Cream Thief €Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 22 X 17 X 12cm

having picked up this small cream jug whilst out collecting cutlery, I was remind of my childhood days when the milk left on the doorstep by the milkman, if not brought in promptly, would be visited by the blue tits who would peck through the foil caps to help themselves to the cream off the top of the non homogenised milk of the day.

Arched Cat €SOLD

Up-cycled Horseshoes and other mild steel

having been working with the Stainless steel and cutlery for for a few months, I decided to delve into the bag of horseshoes donated by a Farrier friend and get to work cleaning some back from their rusted state with a grinder. The variety of sizes work well in creating the main body. I always like to put some character into my creations and am very pleased with the outcome. This girl appears to have a strong attitude.

Les Amoureux. . . . €Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 20 x 18 x 17 cm

Feeling the love. This pair would make a perfect wedding or anniversary gift.


Prancing. . . .€Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 22 x 12 x 11 cm

Watching a funny little Pied Wagtail walking in grass and ocassionaly picking his feet up far higher than was necessary, was the inspiration for this piece.

The Observer. . . . €Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 19 x 15 x 9 cm

A fat little robin watching a caterpillar as it reaches the top of the grass blade €POA

At the Gates of Dawn. . . . €Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 27 x 16 x 16 cm


This little bird is a Curlew Sandpiper. Whilst working on it in my workshop, i kept thinking of an old Pink Floyd album called ‘Piper at the gates of dawn’ and so a Sandpiper foraging for food in the shallows of a lagoon has acquired the name ‘At the Gates of Dawn’

Somniferous Future II. . . . €Price on request

Mixed media 27 x 45 x 35 cm

Hummingbird feeding at a Poppy. This unique piece is constructed from up-cycled cutlery, Stainless steel and used DVDs

The Early Bird. . . . €Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 22 x 11 x 8 cm

Depiction of a Sparrow with his morning grub. Made from a variety of up-cycled cutlery pieces on a textured stainless steel base. Unique.

Papaver Futurama. . . . €Price on request

   Mixed media 56 x 48 x 27 cm

Hummingbird, Poppies and insects in a futuristic garden made from Cutlery, mixed metals and DVDs. This piece is made as a wall hanging sculpture but also can be free standing.


Somniferous Future I. . . . €Price on request

Mixed media 65 x 60 x 28 cm

Hummingbird and Poppies made from cutlery, mixed metals and DVDs

Falcon launching into flight. . . . €Price on request

Constructed from over 250 pieces of cutlery 134 x 50 x 54 cm (life-size)


This piece was made in tribute to a close friend of ours, Malcolm, who died in a B.A.S.E. jumping accident on the 22nd April 2017.

Bird on the Wire. . . . €Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless steel 12 x 19 x 12 cm

A little tribute to the late, great, Leonard Cohen, by name at least. Inspired thought that popped into my head listening to a Cohen playlist…”I must make a bird on a wire”



Leap of Faith. . . . €Price on request

Marine grade 316l Stainless Steel 38 x 60 x 33 cm

The sight of Atlantic wild Salmon heading up rivers, negotiating weirs and waterfalls was the inspiration for this piece. I named it ‘Leap of Faith’ to express the seemingly uncertain result of the thrusting jump from the chaotic waters below a falls and up the cascade to reach the calmer water above and on to the spawning grounds, often only to be thrown back down into the maelstrom for repeated attempts.

I had drawn a sketch for this piece in May 2016, having found it again recently I decided it was high time to make it. Creating water from stainless steel was a fun challenge.


The Gathering. . . . €Price on request

Cutlery and Stainless steel 65 x 28 x 15 cm



Made in September and inspired by the swallows gathering on the telegraph wires before commencing their journey south for the winter.  5 Swallows constructed from cutlery items on a stylised wire and posts of textured stainless steel.

‘Who’s there?’. . . €NFS

150 X 120 X 55mm up-cycled cutlery and stainless steel


Small bird commission for an 80th birthday present for a fan of my work, to a father from his daughter.

Regulus Bramble. . . . €SOLD

Cutlery and Stainless steel 18 x 9 x 10 cm


This Goldcrest on a Blackberry twig is the smallest bird sculpture I have made so far, a little fiddly but worth it.

Stepping Up. . . . €Sold

 Cutlery and Stainless Steel Wren 12 x 10 x 6 cm


The Forager (Nuthatch and the Ladybug). . . . €SOLD

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 19 x 27 x 10 cm

Nuthatches are amazing little birds never made it as far as Ireland, they never move far from their woodland birthplaces, but are common in central and southern England. Nuthatches are omnivorous, eating mostly insects, nuts and seeds. They forage for insects hidden in or under bark by climbing along tree trunks and branches, sometimes upside down.

Woodpecker. . . . €SOLD

Cutlery and Stainless Steel 27 x 55 x 25 cm

Iguana. . . . €SOLD

 122cm nose to tail, Marine grade stainless steel, cold forged and hand beaten

This piece was made specifically for the rock slab where it is currently situated and now permanently on show at Blarney Castle, co. Cork, Ireland 

Morning Catch. . . . €NFS

33 x 60 x 18 cm

Cutlery and Stainless steel

Barn Owl Swooping. . . . €Price on request

75 x 45 x 60 cm Mixed media


This depiction of a Barn Owl is constructed on a wire body frame re-using CDs and DVDs for the wings, tail, and body feathers. The face is fired porcelain clay which was then metal leafed, the legs, feet and talons were constructed in the metal workshop from knife handles and forks.

When working on this piece in my indoor workshop often into the wee small hours, the bright artificial light would cast reflections from the CDs around the walls and ceiling reminding one of the Mirror balls used in nightclubs. Because of this, somewhat inevitably, the Owl was given the affectionate alias ‘Disco Dave’

Mi’kmaq. . . . €Price on request

This piece was inspired by both a photograph I captured of a goose doing her morning stretches and the Mi’kmaq peoples’ legend of the wild goose. hence i decided to incorporate the face of one of these ‘First people’ of Canada into the sculpture.

Míkmaq legend of the Wild Goose

When birds migrated to the south in the long, long ago, they came and left by themselves. Many of the little ones were killed by storms. This caused great sorrow to Kluskap, the great God of the Míkmaq. He asked the Wild Goose the largest bird and the last one to leave the north each fall, to care for all of the smaller ones. The Wild Goose called all the little birds together and told them of Kluskap’s wonderful plan.

They agreed that the Wild Goose would lead them in their long flight to the south, shelter them in their far away homes, be with them during their journey back and protect them while they were in the North during the summer season.

Ever since the time of Kluskap the Wild Goose has been the guide and protector of all the small birds that come to our country each year.

(Source) Native American Legends –


The Farriers Dog. . . . €Price on request

Life-size, Horseshoes, JCB chain and mild steel bar 110 x 70 x 40cm



Modeled on my own dog, mainly constructed from a bucket-load of rusty old horseshoes and weighing in at a hefty 25kg.

This piece has developed a lovely patina over time, it was originally treated with a linseed based oil and has now been given a couple of coats of ”Renaissance Wax’ a fine chrystaline wax to seal out as much moisture as possible.

Running Amuck. . . . €4500

Hand Forged, Marine grade 316l stainless steel. Life-size 160 x 70 x 60cm

Weighing a respectable 18.5 kg, the perfect adornment to any garden or business premises. Currently on show at Blarney Castle sculpture trail, contact Kate Hegarty

Asio Otus. . . . €Price on request

Life-size 52 x 22 x 20cm Cold forged, hand beaten, hand decorated, marine grade 316l stainless steel

This long eared owl was created for and exhibited at ‘Bloom in the Park’ 2018, featuring on the Kildare gallery ‘Sculpture in the Park’ stand.

Bald Eagle. . . . €SOLD



This Bald Eagle was created life-size with a wing-span of over 2 metres from more than 250 pieces of up-cycled cutlery collected from charity and junk shops. Sold to a collector at the opening of ‘Form 16 – Silent Expression’ at Ballymaloe House, mid-summers night 2016

Vitruvian Birdman. . . . €Price on request

 62 X 46 X 20 cm mixed media

My take on Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing in 3D. Mixed media including – a basketball hoop, a dartboard numbers ring, bow saw blades, a wire and plaster of paris body with silver and copper leaf, and head and hands made from up-cycled cutlery. Adorned with turkey and peacock feathers.